Yorkshire Development Finance

Finding the right development lender!

  The construction Industry is ever changing therefore we are regularly seeing new methods coming into play, and as lenders we need to think very carefully about how we fund such methods in the most appropriate way. Having an appreciation for property is extremely essential to both the Development and Bridging sectors, and many Bridging… Read more

Top regions for Property Investment!

Regions such as the Midlands and the North West of England are expected to see an increase in popularity among property investors, according to a development finance lender. A property and construction report from 2017 showed that 31% of property professionals felt the South East was the most popular region which offered the best outlook… Read more

Differences between Commercial Property Refurbishment & Development Finance!

Commercial Finance funding can be somewhat complex and sometimes finding the right funding can prove difficult and confusing. Below highlights the two very popular funding options and key differences; Development Finance; The above refers to work from the ground upwards that will require certain permissions, i.e. whether building one or more properties from scratch or… Read more

Providing Developers with an exit!

While there is a constant reminder that there is a shortage of affordable housing in London and the South East, it seems that the specialist finance industry has done a meaningful amount to address this. We are aware that it is the small and medium sized businesses that effectively contribute and drive the UK market,… Read more

A new era for Property Investors?

From the 30th September 2017 there will be further changes brought into place for the buy to let market, and how lending institutions review funding applications from professional investors and landlords. At the beginning of 2017, banks embedded the first of the PRA’s ‘changes to underwriting standards’ which were designed to bring consistency to lending…. Read more

Resurgence of Mezzanine Finance for Property Development!

Mezzanine finance is made up of two elements and is part-equity and part debt solution. It takes second priority in repayments after the senior debt, and takes a second charge over a property. Mezzanine finance is mainly used by borrowers with little liquid assets as it reduces the amount of equity investment that the project… Read more

The end of low interest rates? Comparisons with 10 years ago!

Markets, economists and other experts haven’t had a great record of making the right calls in recent years. Indicators such as higher inflation, low unemployment and high levels of consumer debt are driving sentiment towards a slow but steady rise in Bank of England base rate.  At the last meeting of the Bank of England… Read more

Do’s and Don’ts! Purchasing a property at auction!

Are you or your clients looking to purchase a new property? Have you considered buying at auction? Buying Commercial or Residential properties at auction is becoming increasingly common, as investors and developers are attracted by apparent bargains on offer. However, there are many pitfalls for the unwary. At Key, we have seen many examples of properties… Read more