Extended PDR’S-Commercial to Residential Schemes!

The government have recently made it easier for developers to convert Commercial Buildings into Residential properties by extending Permitted Development Rights. This enables developers to avoid the usual planning process. This means that the costs and time required to ratify the PDR’S is far less than it would be to obtain full planning permissions. This shows that the government are committed to removing barriers which could effectively obstruct housing supply.

Of course before starting a project, developers must ensure that the given project does not have a negative impact on the environment i.e. causing transport difficulties, or increasing the risk of flooding etc. Developers may also be required to follow strict rules with regards to the exterior of a property.

No mater what the complexity of your project, here at Yorkshire Development Finance we have many years experience having funded the above schemes and have an awareness of the issues involved. So if you are an experienced developer/property investor and are looking to undergo extension works on your property, wanting a loft conversion, or you want to completely change the use of a property, then call our team of experts today and we will be more than happy to assist you with the above.



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