High LTV Loans for Development!

Yorkshire Development Finance

For many years the majority of lenders have primarily assessed quantum of lending by reference to GDV (Gross Development Value) . The majority of lenders allow borrowing to a maximum of 55% and in some cases even 60% of GDV, with interest added on top.

It is a reflection with the increasing competitive funding market however that some lenders are now offering more. In particular we now have one significant funder who will provide 70% of GDV as standard with interest added on top, with a maximum of c.80% of GDV. The interest rates and terms on this product are also very competitive, interest rates starting from c.9.5% per annum with minimal or no exit fees. The above terms have been put out to grow this lenders market share and may not last for a long time.

In any event the main ethos of our firm as trusted advisors is to effectively source the best funding for all our clients from the whole of the market. If you need a high LTV, then the above option may be ideal for you. Please contact Yorkshire Development Finance today and our team of experts will be very happy to assist you.


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