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Residential Property Investment! Should you opt for a Limited Company?

Many property investors and associated professionals will already be aware of the governments ambition to reduce the number of private BTL landlords in the market in favour of the more larger and institutional investors. Whilst professionalising investors in the market could have positive effects for tenants (who could benefit from better services and more responsible… Read more

The end of low interest rates? Comparisons with 10 years ago!

Markets, economists and other experts haven’t had a great record of making the right calls in recent years. Indicators such as higher inflation, low unemployment and high levels of consumer debt are driving sentiment towards a slow but steady rise in Bank of England base rate.  At the last meeting of the Bank of England… Read more

Do’s and Don’ts! Purchasing a property at auction!

Are you or your clients looking to purchase a new property? Have you considered buying at auction? Buying Commercial or Residential properties at auction is becoming increasingly common, as investors and developers are attracted by apparent bargains on offer. However, there are many pitfalls for the unwary. At Key, we have seen many examples of properties… Read more

High LTV Loans for Development!

For many years the majority of lenders have primarily assessed quantum of lending by reference to GDV (Gross Development Value) . The majority of lenders allow borrowing to a maximum of 55% and in some cases even 60% of GDV, with interest added on top. It is a reflection with the increasing competitive funding market… Read more

Delivering more homes through small sites!

It has come to light with new research revealing some of the barriers to developing small sites, whilst making a set of practical recommendations on how local authorities and SME builders can indeed work together to overcome these. Current Findings: 64% of builders and 45% of local authorities see under-resourcing of planning departments as a… Read more

Extended PDR’S-Commercial to Residential Schemes!

The government have recently made it easier for developers to convert Commercial Buildings into Residential properties by extending Permitted Development Rights. This enables developers to avoid the usual planning process. This means that the costs and time required to ratify the PDR’S is far less than it would be to obtain full planning permissions. This shows that… Read more

The Inexorable Rise of Development Costs!

It is interesting to note that the construction sector slowed slightly in the first month or two of 2017, despite a buoyant housing market (agents in our locality are reporting rising prices and a shortage of stock).  So why is this?  We think that there are two factors involved; 1. Weakness of sterling.  A large part of… Read more

Housebuilding- leading sector in construction despite Brexit!

  The housebuilding sector has been the main component of growth in the UK across 2016, despite the Brexit vote where many housebuilder’s share prices fell in excess of 20%. However this did not dampen activity with both current and future pipelines, and housebuilding successfully contributed £24.6bn to a total value of contracts of £70bn… Read more

Development Finance Market-Different types of finance available & the requirements of lenders!

There are perhaps 60 or more lenders funding development schemes across the UK. It is important to select the right lender for your circumstances so that the funding is matched as closely as possible to your needs. The experienced team at Yorkshire Development Finance have access to an extensive database of the lenders operating in… Read more