Top regions for Property Investment!

Regions such as the Midlands and the North West of England are expected to see an increase in popularity among property investors, according to a development finance lender.

A property and construction report from 2017 showed that 31% of property professionals felt the South East was the most popular region which offered the best outlook for property investment over the next 12 months. It was seen that the West Midlands was also ahead of London on 19%, with 16% voting in favour of the capital, which was followed by the North West on 13%.

It is said that most investors are seeking capital growth opportunities, and with London now relatively flat, it is therefore unsurprising to see that the South East is felt to be the most lucrative for investment. This is due to the fact they are closest to the capital and undersupplied by housing. However the Midlands and North West in particular are seen to be much more attractive on a yield/income basis and will continue to climb in popularity.

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